Struggling to find a reliable dent repair team? Look no further than Dent Effects! We provide affordable quality service with turnaround times you won't believe!

The value of modern cars is far greater today than it was just two decades ago. Now, every vehicle has become a major investment; something you should care for so you can get it’s maximum value by the time you’re ready for an upgrade.

We have our modern durable paint to thank for this. Ever since the introduction of urethane based paints the value of the factory finish on new vehicles has skyrocketed.

The best way to maintain the pristine look of your factory coat is with paintless dent repair. Rather than fill or paint over your finish, effectively ruining it’s worth, we simply return the body panels to their original shape. The process is completely non-invasive, incredibly quick, very affordable, and best of all, it won’t show up on your service history reports!


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Bob Sager

Bob Sager

★★★★★ After about 2 hours of repair, my 2010 Ford Fusion no longer shows any signs of dings and dents. Very impressive work. I literally can not even see where the numerous mostly dime sized and one linear pencil sized dings and dents were.